Bio-PRF Centrifuge

Platelet concentrates have been utilized in medicine for over 3 decades owing to their ability to rapidly secrete growth factors. These growth factors are derived from blood and can be collected from a platelet-rich plasma layer, and later utilized in surgical sites to promote local wound healing.

Today, it has been well established that platelet concentrates are capable of:

  • Helping tissues get better blood supply faster
  • Attracting different cells, including stem cells, effectively
  • Encouraging the quick growth of various types of cells in the human body

The horizontal centrifuge is the latest technology that allows us to get the highest concentration of platelet concentrates to be utilized for your healing. This technology greatly reduces post-operative pain, swelling, infection risk, and dry sockets. It is all-natural as we use your own blood to concentrate your own growth factors to speed up your healing.

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