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Welcome to our practice! We’re a locally-owned dentist office in High Point, North Carolina. Our office is a place you can rely on to get a smile that’s not only healthy, but also beautiful.

Our knowledgeable and attentive staff will make sure you are comfortable and well-taken care of during your office visit. We always do our best to accommodate you with anything you might need to make your visit more pleasant.

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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Jon Byrd of High Point Dental Partners smiling standing in hallway of office

Dr. Jon Byrd


Dr. Byrd believes in patient-centered dental care, in which his patients will be able to make informed decisions concerning their oral health.

Dr. Preston Ford of High Point Dental Partners smiling standing outside of office

Dr. Preston Ford


Dr. Ford loves forming relationships with patients and partnering with you to achieve your dental health goals.

dr evan moore of byrd ford dentistry sitting outside

Dr. Evan Moore

Dr. Evan Moore is passionate about cosmetic and implant dentistry, and providing the best level of care for his patients.

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New Technology With a Gentle Touch

We utilize leading-edge dental technology as part of our commitment to providing an exceptional level of dentistry. These tools allow us to detect issues earlier, diagnose, and treat more dental issues faster while keeping your comfort priority one at all times. You can trust you’re getting only the latest dental technology and treatments when you visit our office.

A dentist shows a dental patient an x-ray of their teeth

Digital X-rays

Our digital X-rays emit less radiation, take images faster without any need for processing, and allow us to optimize the images so we can provide a more precise diagnosis.

Digital X-rays
A dental assistant wearing blue medical gloves holds an intraoral camera

Intraoral Camera

A picture explains what words never can, especially when it comes to your teeth. An intraoral camera can take pictures with such detail, it can show cracks and stress marks in a tooth that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Intraoral Camera
team member of High Point Dental Partners using the same day crowns machine to prepare a crown for a patient


The CEREC system takes the normal, multi-visit traditional dental crown procedure and cuts it down. You’ll receive your permanent, natural-looking restoration faster than ever!

cone beam digital dental xray machine

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Known as CBCT, this advanced imaging technique uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam. The cone beam rotates around your head to create a highly detailed 3D image of your mouth to help us accurately design your treatment plan.

solea co2 laser technology

Solea CO2 Laser

The Solea®  CO2 Laser is the number one selling all-tissue laser in dentistry. It requires less time than any kind of anesthesia which allows you to get more procedures done in a day.

Solea CO2 Laser
SprintRay 3d printing machine on white background

Sprintray 3D Printer

3D Printers allow for the manufacture of many kinds of dental apparatuses from dentures to whitening trays and implants in-office. This allows for faster turn-around time and greater precision compared to traditional outsourcing.

Sprintray 3D Printer
Bio-PRF Centrifuge on white background

Bio-PRF Centrifuge

The horizontal centrifuge is the latest technology that allows us to greatly reduce post-operative pain, swelling, infection risk, and dry sockets.

Bio-PRF Centrifuge
someone holding a InstaRisa Facial Scanner

Instarisa 3.0 Facial Scanner

The InstaRisa Facial Scanner allows us to plan your smile and preview your smile digitally on your face. This cutting-edge technology is much less invasive than traditional record-taking methods and results in more predictable outcomes.

Instarisa 3.0 Facial Scanner
GentleWave machine on white background


GentleWave offers a minimally invasive alternative to root canal treatment, prioritizing the preservation of your natural teeth. GentleWave ensures that your teeth stay intact, promoting long-term oral health while limiting pain.

exterior of byrd ford dentistry building

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